Alberto Santini PhD Student in Operational Research

About and contacts

That's me!

I am a PhD student in Operational Research at the University of Bologna. I can be reached via email at

Slides and other material


  • Recent trends in OR and practical business applications (pdf). Seminar at the American University of Armenia in 2014.
  • Data envelopment analysis (pdf). Seminar at the University of Bologna in 2014.
  • A maritime version of the Travelling Salesman Problem (pdf). Seminar at the Odysseus 2015 conference.
  • A real-time conflict resolution algorithm for the train rescheduling problem (pdf). Seminar at Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam in 2016.
  • A comparison of acceptance criteria for the ALNS metaheuristic (pdf). Poster at AIRO 2016 conference.


  • Example use of the CPLEX C++ API: GitHub Project.
  • Example implementation of a Genetic Algorithm in C++: GitHub Project.
  • A simple tool to extract and visualise social network information from twitter: GitHub Project, Live Demo.
  • Calculator of energy consumption for a train on a homogeneous track: Live Demo.